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This event will take place between 11:00am and 1:00pm on 26/04/2018.

The right resources in the right hands: investing every penny where it can do the most good’

White Paper ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ 2016 – as a leader how would you go about this?

This session looks at:

  • What part the financial plan/budget plays in managing resources?
  • What information you need to inform this financial plan/budget and what assumptions you might make about staffing (timetable/accommodation), learning resources, technology, and investment? (‘the Right Resources’)
  • Who you would involve in this process and how? (‘the Right Hands’)
  • Are there any key principles for you as a leader? (‘do the most good’)
  • In the current context for schools, do we need a new approach to our financial planning/business mjavascript:void(0)odel?

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