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This is a leadership course with a difference, for talented aspiring leaders who have their sights set on headship or senior leadership, if not in the short to medium term, then at some point in their careers.

This course ran in 2015/16 supported by the Teaching School Council and NCTL, and was one of a small number selected for funding across London. It ran in 2016/17, fully supported by the Canons Park Teaching School Alliance

The course starts in November 2017 and finishes in May 2018.

The funding from the Canons Park TSA, means that the course is offered free of charge and gives unprecedented access to some of our strategic partners, who will deliver sessions.


Course Overview

The course looks at leadership in the context of the expanding challenges for education leaders, the need to be increasingly driven and informed by research, and to have a perspective that is outward facing, and with a strategic focus to managing resources and organisational capabilities.

The 20:20 refers both to 2020 the year, but also the need for leaders to have very clear vision, for the challenges ahead. At its heart we are looking for people to engage, challenge and develop the ideas, research and scenarios presented across the modules.

The content is created by multiple partners, with a whole sector perspective (NACE, NTEN, and CUREE) as well as input from National Leaders of Education (NLE) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) from the Canons Park Teaching School Alliance.

The course takes an approach which uses case studies and each leaders’ own experiences, as well as the opportunity to work with other leaders. We are working with the University of Herts, who are one of our strategic partners, to explore future external validation for the course.

The content puts leadership at its heart and aims to create future leaders, who can see and develop their vision for 2020 and beyond. The modules and content are shown pictorially below

The programme has been designed so that the modules are self-contained, so whilst we hope you can attend some or all the sessions, we are mindful that as leaders, you will already have commitments and pressures on your time. We have sought to minimise time out of school. Materials will be made available digitally to help support the modules and for any sessions that candidates might miss.

We would encourage you to bring any colleagues along to a particular session, if you feel it will offer them appropriate professional learning

For further information and to register for the programme please contact Canons High School.

The sessions dates can be found on the section "Professional Learning" - Event and Courses.

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