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Event description

With an increasingly terminally-assessed curriculum, how do we address the delicate balance between learning knowledge and learning skills? What will help us to connect theory with practical work? How do we build academic language and help students to recall it in the exam hall? What have we learnt from recent experiences of linear assessments to support our quest to design coherent courses for our students? And how can we ensure teachers remain skilled enough to do it?

Join us on Saturday 3rd February 2018 for the annual Canons Park TSA conference where we will examine and explore these and other issues.

Delivered by teachers, researchers and experts from across the educational spectrum, the conference includes keynote addresses, workshops and discussion lunches to fully explore the issues that matter most to classroom practitioners.

Contributing speakers:

- Tom Sherrington (keynote) – Education consultant and author of ‘Zest for Learning’

- Dr. Caroline Creaby (keynote) – Deputy Headteacher and Director of Sandringham Research School

- Dr. Alka Sehgal Cuthbert (keynote) – Researcher and author of ‘What should schools teach?’

- James Murphy – School Partnerships Director at Thinking Reading

- Jon Brunskill – Head of Year 2 at Reach Academy Feltham

Organiser description

At the Canons Park Teaching School Alliance we believe that a self-improving school system should be done from the inside-out; that what happens in the classroom should be at the core of what we do and that leadership of such a system should be distributive in nature.

Our conferences reflect our commitment to a self-improving system which learns from the strengths of its component parts, our surpluses rather than our deficits. We are strongly of the belief that an evidence-informed approach to all aspects of education provides the optimum conditions for ‘doing it well, doing it right and ensuring it lasts’.

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