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Challenge for all at Heathcote School, Chingford

The focus for the day was ‘challenge for all’ with a KS3 perspective,  for over 90 staff including, teachers, LSAs and learning managers via 6 workshops and some overall staff sessions.



The focus of the questioning workshop is to promote student’s learning. The workshop seeks to provide questioning techniques to challenge and further the thinking of all students. These techniques are designed to stimulate and promote discussion, encourage debate and higher order thinking and give students the opportunity to reflect on their own learning.

Group Learning

The focus of this workshop is to promote all students’ learning through collaboration but with a particular emphasis on stretching the most able. The workshop seeks to provide simple strategies to challenge students to employ higher order thinking and to encourage independence and interdependence. These techniques can be used via pair work or larger group work.


This session will focus on how learning can be scaffolded to support and challenge the most able. It will look at how we can encourage high levels of literacy and the use sophisticated vocabulary. Giving students tools to develop their extended writing skills in a variety of subjects.

Investigation and Enquiry

This workshop will showcase both project and problem based learning. Problem and project based learning are a student-centred pedagogy in which students actively learn about a subject through the experience of investigation and problem solving. Students learn both thinking strategies and subject knowledge. The goals of PBL are to help the students develop flexible knowledge, effective problem solving skills, independent learning and effective collaboration skills.

Assessment using Self and Peer Evaluation

In this session, we’ll discuss the benefit of effective evaluation and share good practice on how we train students to become successful peer and self-evaluators to help them move forward in their learning. Focusing on how students can benefit from constructing and deconstructing success criteria and how this links to giving appropriate feedback and feed-forward to challenge high attainers.

Technology to Challenge

Using a range of technologies to support and challenge students and encourage independence within and beyond the classroom.

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