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Geographic reach – We chose the SSAT, NACE and Teacher Development Trust as strategic partners because they are organisations with significant national networks to help us meet our needs as an Alliance more effectively than relying solely upon local networks.  They have been fully involved in developing ways in which their reach can benefit the alliance and developing how the alliance can contribute effectively to their programmes.

Research focus – Our alliance has been constructed to focus on the research and development dimension of Teaching School provision.  All of our strategic partners will look to align work with effective action research.  We aim to become a leading alliance for research-informed practice and, through this, generate funding that will ensure sustainable improvement across a large number of schools. Through the SSAT established Lead Practitioner accreditation and TDT’s National Teacher Enquiry Network, we will develop pathways to extend the reach of such research.
Bottom-up approach – Both Park High and Canons are committed to an alliance that has as its core philosophy, ‘Doing it well.  Doing it right.’ and our strategic partners are similarly committed.  We will ensure that all of our work, as well as being research-rich and methodologically sound is also: pedagogy-focused and classroom-centred; bottom-up and practitioner-led; collaboratively driven as a surplus (not deficit) model; distributive and transformational. 

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