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Welcome to the Canons Park Knowledge Hub, we are a Teaching School Alliance with a difference based on a clear-cut philosophy, a strong sense of mission and an overarching vision for our alliance.

In order to ensure that Canons Park Knowledge Hub is different, we decided we would build on what we have done successfully as schools, in order to create a strong ‘brand’ based on ‘Doing it well. Doing it right.’

By this we mean that we will look to ensure that all of our work is:

  • Pedagogy focused & Classroom centred
  • Bottom up & Practitioner led
  • Research rich & Methodologically sound
  • Collaboratively driven & based on a Surplus (not Deficit) model
  • Distributive & Transformational
  • Contextually confident & Agile (responsive to emergence)

With these core elements of our alliance ‘brand’, we aim to build a strong local and regional foundation that is genuinely cross-phase (primary, secondary and tertiary institutions are among our strategic partners) and complement this with a national presence that responds to needs wherever they emerge.  

No other Alliance is able to offer a link to such national brands as our strategic partners, or such a commitment as the Alliance is prepared to make to your school or organisation.

In weaving together the local and the national, we encourage schools to join us in order to create a country-wide network ranging from the very closely allied to the very loosely affiliated, as appropriate to each institution.

We are a teaching school alliance based on what schools need and will adapt to meet those needs.

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